The maximum steering angle of the wheels with mounted tow bar is 45 degrees, relative to the container. The turning radius with the WingLift mounted on a 6 meter container is about 10 meters with the rear corner units locked.

To reduce the radius, the rear wheels can be unlocked and gently guided by hand. To steer the rear corner units by hand (2 people) need a smooth surface (concrete, asphalt) as well as using caution and awareness!

Always try to keep as large a radius as possible. Always have the wheels moving when adjusting the wheel angle.

The WingLift can move a container in any direction with only manpower rotating it 360 degrees around its own axel.

The WingLift is the perfect cargo transport choice to use in tight spaces with low ceilings where a crane is impossible, like shelters because of its compact size and 360 degree turning capability. Additionally, You can pull it forward / backward and rotate it or slide it laterally in all directions.

Handling and towing the WingLift is always limited by the capacity of the towing vehicle as well as the length of the container and WingLift’s lifting height.

The load bearing capacity is essential. The ground must bear the pressure of the wheels and there is a risk that the wheels and the crew will slip.

 The speed and weight depend on the load and road conditions. For the WingLift you can choose between two models of wheels – Solid and Pneumatic up to 12 km/h. If the weight is more than 12 tons, the maximum speed is 6 km/h regardless of wheel type.

Yes, if any of the lower ISO holes or corners of the container are damaged, transportation is restricted.

Distance depends on load, distance and terrain surface. At maximum load, the tires on the WingLift can become overheated with long distance transportation.

Visit YouTube or winglift.com for video clips and additional information.

The lift as such works to -20 ° Celsius degrees. Ice and slippery surface works in the same way as for any vehicle that has tires.

Wheel replacement depends on the container load and surface and road condition as well the travel distance. Check the tires’ condition each month for wear, cracks or bad condition of the rubber.

No, but watch out for deep water puddles. Otherwise no problem, there is a rough pattern on the tire and the speed should be low.

Two people are best to mount the container, since it is lifted by two corners at a time.

The W40-S is standard. The W40-H is specially made for narrow spaces with the H standing for Hercules.


We offer a lease posibility with GE Capital, who sets up a leasing agreement with the user. At the end of the agreement, the user may have the option of returning the equipment , replacing it, or extending the agreement further.

Yes, we are always happy to discuss the sale of WingLift rented or hired, all prices will be subject to the used WingLift market at that time, the condition of the container and transport cost implications.


Lift height depends on the model, WingLift standard models allow lifting heights of either 0.35m, 0.50m or in special cases 0.75m.

WingLift can be operated on any hard surface, asphalt or concrete roads. Take into account current legislation!

Most all containers built are outfitted with ISO specification corners, of which Winglift is designed to be fitted with.

Q8 Hindemith LT or similar. Type: DIN 51524 Part3, Cat HVLP

Yes, if the “Flat Rack” has lower ISO corners and corner posts.

Recommended pressure is 6.2 ± 2.7 bar, depending on how you are using the product.


The prices are shown in our online configurator, not including shipping costs. If you wish to get a quote where freight and installation are included, please contact us by sending an inquiry by contact form, email or telephone. Once we have received your request, a quote via e-mail will be sent to you.

The standard color is grey /RAL 7015 and for an additional fee, a non-metallic RAL color can be offered. Most common non-standard colors are pure white, desert sand or olive green.

We can ship our products anywhere in Europe and most places around the world. Contact our sales department for a quote to you.

We normally sell direct, but in some countries we have supportive distributors.

All orders are shipped complete with WingLift, mounting hardware kit and installation instructions. These parts are all individually packaged for protection against damage during shipment.

Included in price it will be packed in plastic. Optional at cost on special pallet or wooden crate. For Sea Freight wooden crate is required. For specific shipping please check allowed methods.

The distance between the containers can be tight on the sides where the WingLift are not mounted and on the mounted side (often the short side) depends on WingLift model but around two meters.

We accept bank transfer to Danske Bank. All payments must be made in Swedish Kr, Euro or US dollars.


USD IBAN: SE63 1200 0000 0129 3015 2567

EUR IBAN: SE68 1200 0000 0129 3015 0149

SEK IBAN: SE93 1200 0000 0129 3012 8844

For new customers, we apply 50% at order confirmation and find 50% for release shipment.

The cost of shipping can vary greatly depending on the number of WingLifts you’d like to purchase, the location where you’d like your order shipped, and the type of shipping service that you prefer. Please contact us and we’ll show you a number of options, and you can choose exactly which shipping method works best for you.

As an example, shipping with sea freight with a lift in a wooden crate is approximately 3,500 USD to the Atlantic side of USA. For destinations in South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific coast of the USA, the cost is approximately 20% higher, 4,200 USD.

Normally the shipment term is FCA or DAP, Incoterms® 2020.

If you have questions you don´t find above, just contact us.