Carrying a (very!) heavy load

We at Recotech are happy to inform you that the Winglift Payload Capacity has increased significantly from 17,000 kg to 25,000 kg. This heavyweight transporter can travel up to 6 km/hr as long as there’s an evenly distributed load spread over the container’s floor area and all wheel pairs are in contact with the ground. […]

Winglift forged by expert welders

Today, the market places increasing demands on suppliers to prove their ability to deliver high quality welding products and services that comply with defined technical quality requirements. We demonstrate our competitive edge in the welded manufacturing of our core product, the Winglift.  Our heavy transport carrier is built to be rugged and reliable. It’s welded […]

WingLift team strengthens UN Procurement relations, Nordic Seminar

As a vital supporter of relief aid, The UN requires a wide range of products- everything from communication devices and machine parts to marketing and information services. It’s big business with an export market worth more than 18 billion USD a year. For companies to collaborate with the UN it’s crucial to understand the procurement […]

Wooden Crate or Plastic stretch wrap?

We often get asked about how our WingLift system is packed for safe delivery. We offer three alternatives that customers can choose from. Normally, it’s packed in stretched plastic. The rack holds the four wheel units together and can be moved by a forklift truck. All necessary components and documentation are well attached to the […]

Eurosatory 2018, the place to be

Eurosatory, one of the world’s largest defense and security exhibitions in the world, took place June 11-15 in Paris, France and you can be sure that Recotech was there. It was a prime opportunity to present our container carrying concept, the WingLift. The event has already led to significant deals with a number of defense […]

Swedish Industry day at NSPA

Recotech want to extend a warm thank you for being part of the first ever Swedish Industry Day organised together with NATO/NSPA 1st of March 2018. A 10 company strong delegation with Saab as main sponsor and FMV in the official delegation showed that Sweden is a country worth having close cooperation with. A group picture […]

Reliable ground support equipment essential in conflict zones

Recotech attended the 18th annual Military Airlift and Air-to-Air Refueling conference and exhibition in Madrid, Spain. Speakers discussed the importance of airlifting- for both military purposes as well as delivering humanitarian aid. A key point shared amongst speakers with attendees was the crucial value of simple and reliable ground support equipment (GSE). Quick turnaround times […]

Humanitarian Aid with WingLift

We at Recotech just wanted to send a massive thank you for your participation at AidEx Brussels 2017. We hope you found the event as positive and worthwhile experience as we did. It was fun to meet all you nice visitors in our booth. We enjoyed listening and discussing the applications, needs and requirements for […]