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WingLift - Commercial Use

Across a span of commercial industries, the WingLift makes moving heavy equipment and containers simple, fast and easy. Its versatile and smart design allows for heavy loads to be moved without the hassle of forklifts, trucks or cranes. With manpower only, you can move containers and equipment within confined spaces. It can dramatically cut down overhead costs with shortened loading and unloading times, whether your industry is using air, land or sea transportation, in and out of doors. It even excels on rough uneven terrain and in extreme climates.

In addition to our WingLift W40 standard products, a wide range of tailor made solutions for both land based container handling and aircraft loading have been designed and prototyped in accordance to customer specifications, NATO and Aerospace standards.

Key features

The container lifting and transport system is a well proven product using the standard DIN 1161 ISO-corners. You can find it daily operations and in many different environments around the globe.


Compact transport rack with all necessary equipment installed


Easy to attach to container or equipment by using DIN 1161 ISO-corners

Multi Purpose

Convenient handling of containers on any carrier: air, road, rail or sea containers

Cost Efficient

Cost efficient in comparison to alternative solutions and totally independent of cranes / forklifts

Ready to use

The WingLift units are delivered in “ready to use” condition and do not require any additional assembling or installation work


Our logistics team will support you to get the right spare part to almost any location, and we keep critical parts in stock

Technical data

  • Lifting capacity up to 24 tons
  • Lifting height up to 500 mm and up to 750 mm with special request
  • Standard model or slim design for operating in tight places
  • Transport rack for easy storage and transport of the unit
  • Weight of each corner unit 170 to 230 kg
  • Total weight when delivered 850 to 1100 kg
  • Choice of pneumatic or solid wheels
  • Maximum towing speed on flat surfaces, with pneumatic wheels is up to 12 tons- 12 Km/h. Over 12 tons and with all use of solid tiers- 6 Km/h

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About WingLift™

WingLift™ is a patented short distance heavy transport system made by Recotech Industries in Sweden. We at Recotech look forward to lightening your load and empowering you to make heavy lifting and short cargo transport simple, fast and easy. The Wing Lift™ offers extreme maneuverability in any direction when moving heavy containers- and without the aid of forklifts, cranes or trucks. Compared with alternative transport solutions, WingLift™ offers excellent Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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