WingLift – great transport solution for challenges UN & WFP face

National defense and international aid institutions worldwide continually face challenges that need to be overcome when working with supply transport logistics. Quite often these challenges concern the heavy-lifting of the multiple tons of cargo which are required to help the large numbers of people who are in critical need of assistance.

One region in East Africa is home to a wide range of humanitarian UN efforts and host to a couple of large procurement hubs, located in Entebbe and Nairobi. Tactics and operations vary from emergency relief to more permanent engagements, including the management of refugee camps.

Due to unfortunate events relating to crises caused by mass refugee flow and environmental disasters, there is a heavy demand for goods and services to meet local needs. Furthermore, the increase in crises has escalated over recent years and this trend is expected to continue.

The prolonged duration of these difficult situations places higher demands on UN budgets to procure for quality through life-cycle costing. This is a comparative strength for our container transport system, Winglift. It is a great solution- not only for the procurement’s hub, but also for the field location in Eastern Africa.

WingLift’s ability to be used with manpower only to move large containers and equipment as well as its compact design and 360 degree turning capability, make it a perfect choice for many organizations, who need to maneuver in enclosed spaces, such as shelters. Overall total cost of investment is much more competitive than many other transport solutions. Taking into account its many benefits and strong value, it’s a smart investment for many humanitarian and aid organizations.