Carrying a (very!) heavy load

We at Recotech are happy to inform you that the Winglift Payload Capacity has increased significantly from 17,000 kg to 25,000 kg. This heavyweight transporter can travel up to 6 km/hr as long as there’s an evenly distributed load spread over the container’s floor area and all wheel pairs are in contact with the ground.

In the event that your cargo weight is unevenly distributed, make sure to spread the weight out with bedding on the container floor. A container that is heavy in one end and light on the other can run into usability issues, including making it harder to handle and even create potential danger.

It’s important not to exceed the maximum container payload. Typically, the maximum gross mass of a container is 24,000kg (52,900lbs) for a 20-foot dry container and 30,480kg (67,200lbs) for a 40-foot (12.2 m) dry container. 20-ft (6.09 m), “heavy tested” containers are available for heavy goods (e.g. heavy machinery). These containers allow a maximum weight of 30,480 kg (67,200 lb), an empty weight of 2,400 kg (5,290 lb), and a net load of 28,080 kg (61,910 lb).

You can find each container’s weight capacity stated on the right door of the container. Be aware that this stated weight limit is usually much higher than the weight limit allowed on the road. That said, if you’re loading a heavy container, make sure to check local regulations.