The Logistics Battle Days in Sweden

Recotech attended Logistikstridsdagarna on the 3-5th of May 2022, a logistic exhibition at the Swedish Armed Forces Logistics Center (FMCL) in Arboga, Sweden. It was the first physical meeting and event after a long, tough period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The theme for the days was “Logistical challenges & opportunities regarding the rear logistics in crisis and war”. It included both seminars and an exhibition of the civilian industry. Hence, we got the opportunity to display and demonstrate our WingLift, and how to solve problems and create possibilities while moving containers in narrow spaces. Those who participated were managers at the Headquarters, regional staff, and units that operate in logistics, planning, and implementation, among others. While it was delightful to network again, it was also a great opportunity to demonstrate to the Swedish defense force our unique solution, WingLift, which can streamline labor more effectively than other alternatives.

A big thank you to the FMCL that lent one of their own WingLift for us to show. After 12 years of use, they are still going strong. And thank you to SOFF, who arranged these influential days.