The Heavy Airlift Wing at Pápa Air base has WingLift for Airlift and Rapid Reaction Operations

One of WingLift’s largest user groups are Defense and Aid support forces. The Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW) is an international military airlift organization headquartered in Hungary at Pápa Air Base. Launched in 2009 it now owns and operates a fleet of three Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft. HAW provides strategic airlift support globally on humanitarian, disaster relief, combat, and peacekeeping missions for its 12 member countries.

As of this writing, it has safely and successfully moved 119,514,768 pounds of cargo on its flights. In order to move such a large capacity, HAW uses Wing Lift cargo transporter. It makes moving cargo onto the aircraft simple and fast, offering wide ranging maneuverability in tight spaces and manual operation. The Wing Lift makes it easy to load cargo because it can go directly onto the aircraft due to its robust lifting capacity coupled with its surprisingly small size.