Sunny day in Brindisi at United Nations Global Service Center

Recotech was in attendance at the Brindisi event, co-hosted by Business Sweden so that relevant industries could meet with Italy based UN agencies. It offered an invaluable opportunity to meet with numerous agents in the field of humanitarian aid, development and relief. These agencies are always seeking out superior solutions for transport of heavy supply containers and equipment. Notes Francesco Giusso, Chief Goods and Services Procurement Branch, WFP “We don’t know all the new products and services on the market, therefore we are open to new innovative products.”

The UN Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) in Brindisi plays a frontline role in emergency preparedness and response worldwide. The depot also facilitates specialized humanitarian operations trainings, emergency drills and other practical exercises with governments, UN agencies and non-governmental organizations. Niklas Danielsson, Key account manager at Recotech was there to present WingLift for their organization with great success. The purpose of the delegation was, above all, that UNHRD is in need of new sustainable and innovative solutions for its hubs in fields where WingLift fits well.