The WingLift supports Armed Forces central warehouse in Arboga to get things in place

A fully functioning logistics service is critical for Armed Forces units to complete their missions, making the role of Armed Forces Logistics, (FMLOG), one of the utmost importance.

FMLOG has a wide variety of tasks, including ensuring that the Armed Forces’ transport and communication links function as intended, and that their units have the materiel they need in good condition. FMLOG command is based in Stockholm, but the service is present at a variety of sites throughout Sweden.

The concept in which the Armed Forces central warehouse in Arboga is part is aimed at increasing the availability and delivery of supplies and equipment within the Armed Forces. The concept includes both new system support and new approaches throughout the chain from supplier to end-users at federations around the country. In a 45,000 m2 warehouse stored everything that may be needed in the armed forces. There are the company’s equipment that would be picked up in the event of war. It’s important that everything is in order and that there was the right equipment in place, so here WingLift plays an important role.