WingLift team strengthens UN Procurement relations, Nordic Seminar

As a vital supporter of relief aid, The UN requires a wide range of products- everything from communication devices and machine parts to marketing and information services. It’s big business with an export market worth more than 18 billion USD a year. For companies to collaborate with the UN it’s crucial to understand the procurement process and have good ongoing relations with the international organization. That’s why we were pleased to be in attendance at the UN Nordic Procurement Seminar, recently held at UN City in Copenhagen.

At the event we at Recotech met with some some of the key people from the procurement departments of the different UN organizations. In one-on-one meetings, managing director, Bo Martin Tell, was able to show and discuss the benefit of the WingLift Carrier system with UN procurement officers. The held activities offered good opportunities to establish new relationships with many UN representatives, as well as other Nordic companies that deliver to the UN and NGOs. The seminar also gave a unique view on what vendors can do to better position themselves for procurement relations with the UN.

About the UN Nordic Procurement Seminar-

Held approximately every two years, the seminar is a well attended event attracting over 170 companies to the two day seminar to Nordic countries. Held at UN City in Copenhagen, it’s a fruitful venue for experience sharing and networking. Participating UN agencies included UNDP, UN/PD, UNICEF, UNOPS, PAHO, UNHCR, UNFPA, OPCW, WFP and Global Compact.

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