Wooden Crate or Plastic stretch wrap?

We often get asked about how our WingLift system is packed for safe delivery. We offer three alternatives that customers can choose from. Normally, it’s packed in stretched plastic. The rack holds the four wheel units together and can be moved by a forklift truck. All necessary components and documentation are well attached to the equipment. We also offer a special pallet or wooden crate as additional options. The special pallet increases the weight by 70 kg (154 lb) and the wooden crate by 250 kg (550 lb). For Sea Freight, a wooden crate is required. For specific shipping, please check allowed and approved methods.

While a wooden crate may be perceived as a vital component of shipping your goods, these other materials for shipping can be just as crucial in getting your goods to their destination safely in one piece. One of the most important elements of ensuring that your new WingLift makes a successful journey is in fact the plastic wrap. Stretch wrap is wrapped tightly around the WingLift to hold together any loose items. It consists of a thin film of flexible, transparent polymer that clings to itself and to the unit to form a tight seal, like a cocoon. As the name suggests, stretch wrap will stretch when it is pulled. Because stretch wrap doesn’t create an airtight barrier around the package, it will not completely protect the WingLift from moisture, dirt, or dust, but it can do a serviceable job of ensuring everything stays in one place.

Pictured: Stretch plastic and wooden crate on our Winglift